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Lower Back Pain & Pelvis Pain

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Lower Back Pain and Pelvis Pain Issues

What causes lower back pain or low back pain

Area’s of back pain consist of lower back pain and upper back pain. Quite commonly, lower right side back pain and right side lower back pain can be related to bad posture, but not always. The cause of back pain left side and back pain right side can be triggered by underlying conditions.

Whilst the causes of lower back pain are mainly posture related, they can also be caused by problems with your walking gait or injuries such as falling, repetitive movement and of course injuries cause through sporting activities.

Exercises for lower back pain

There are some Exercises for lower back pain and you could also try some stretches for lower back pain but before you do this, it would be better to get it checked out to avoid causing any further issues.

If you are suffering low back pain on, back pain left side or back pain right side, it’s a good idea to get see a musculoskeletal podiatrist to make sure that there are no underlying condition causing this. They may suggest a gait analysis assessment to be sure.

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