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Sub-4 is a Specialist Musculoskeletal podiatrist practise setup by Ex International Athlete, Clifton Bradeley treating pain related issues caused by body posture, gait and sporting injuries.

Sub-4 uses the very latest technology in kinetics (the study ground reaction forces) and kinematics (the study of movement) along with our  technology we developed to find the cause of pain related to your injury.

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About Clifton

Clifton Bradeley was raised in Australia after being born in the UK.  It was whilst in Australia that he discovered a talent for running, which was to change his life. His school athletics career culminated in three All-England Schools titles both on the track and cross-country. This included smashing Steve Cram’s long-standing senior boys 1500m record.

Clifton’s 1985 championship record of 3.45.6 min/sec still stands to this day. He went on to win silver at 1500m in the world schools games and was set to become a senior Great Britain and England international athlete at the age of nineteen often running along side Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe.  He also finished 20th in the World Cross-Country Championships in 1983 in his year in the age group.

He has treated over 15000 people in his career, giving him a unique insight into what actually causes injury.

His experience has lead him to look after dozens of the worlds top footballers and other sporting hero’s developing a reputation for injury risk prediction and rapid injury solution. He also travels the world as keynote speaker on sports biomechanics when his heavy clinical schedule allows. Read the full story


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What are Orthotics and why do I need them?

A foot orthotic is a one of the part of the treatments used by podiatrists and orthopaedic specialists with patients suffering foot and lower leg pain. Podiatrists are highly qualified professionals who provide high quality care to their patients. Many people are not...

Taking care of your feet in the winter months

Feet often tend to get neglected in the winter months as we hide them away until the warmer weather comes, but it is equally important to keep feet healthy in the winter. Winter weather throws many challenges at us from freezing temperatures to damp wet conditions and...

Case Study: The PET and a lumbar disc bulge.

An interesting case of a lady in severe pain and how the Pelvic Equilibrium Theory allowed us to find the source of the dysfunction. CASE STUDY-LUMBAR DISC BULGE.

Case Study: A case of chronic occipital headaches caused by LLI.

A case report of chronic neck & occipital headaches created by LLI and managed by orthoses. OCCIPITAL HEADACHE CASE STUDY

Leg-length Inequality has Poor Correlation with Lumbar Scoliosis A Radiological Study of 100 Patients with Chronic Low-back Pain

A Radiological Study of 100 Patients with Chronic Low-back Pain V. Hoikka1, M. Ylikoski2, and K. Tallroth2 hoikka1989

Conservative Correction of Leg-Length Discrepancies of 10mm or Less for the Relief of Chronic Low Back Pain

A moderate positive correlation was found between LLD and the degree of pain relief after wearing shoe inserts (r.47). Defrin_Conservative-Correction-of-Leg-Length-Discrepancies-of-10mm-or-Less-for-the-Relief-of-Chronic-Low-Back-Pain_2005

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