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Sub-4 Stoke on Trent Running Gait Assessments

Sub-4 Stoke on Trent Running Gait Assessments We assess all Sport related Musculoskeletal injuries and pain, to help you get back to full fitness as soon as possible. Whilst most sport injuries are similar, different sports have different nuances and different forces...

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Sub-4 Foot Orthotic Types

Casual Orthotics This hard-wearing orthotic can be used in a variety of shoes for work, casual wear and walking boots. Aesthetically colour coded to match your shoes. The top-cover material can be made in short for full-length form to match your shoes. Colours...

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How to take care of your Sub-4 Orthotics

Orthotics really do not take a lot of looking after, however if you do wish to carryout simply maintenance then follow these simple tips: Take them out of your shoes once a weekend give them a gentle scrub with soap and warm water. Never machine wash your orthotics....

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What are Orthotics and why do I need them?

A foot orthotic is a one of the part of the treatments used by podiatrists and orthopaedic specialists with patients suffering foot and lower leg pain. Podiatrists are highly qualified professionals who provide high quality care to their patients. Many people are not...

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Taking care of your feet in the winter months

Feet often tend to get neglected in the winter months as we hide them away until the warmer weather comes, but it is equally important to keep feet healthy in the winter. Winter weather throws many challenges at us from freezing temperatures to damp wet conditions and...

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