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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics are individually made bespoke insoles, which are worn inside your shoes. If during your assessment it is identified that you need orthotics to help eliminate your problem.

Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics are footwear inserts manufactured to your prescription and usually used to correct gait issues. Correctly manufactured and prescribed orthotics can have a major positive effect on your posture, helping to eliminate years of abnormal biomechanical function and pain. They are very successful with back pain.

Custom Foot Orthotics work in many different ways. The two main ones being supporting feet, which are excessively pronated (rolled in or collapsing), or raising one side of the pelvis when a true natural bony leg length discrepancy between each leg exists. Although bespoke orthotics can do many other things to help relieve pain, if the foot is not supported or a heel raise has not been used when needed, they will have limited effect on the body.

To obtain maximum effect they need to be worn daily, especially during activity like school, work, long walks and sport. They may stop working if you stop wearing them and often users will wear them for many comfortable years without problems. Orthotics are hand made insoles they occasionally need to be adjusted in the first few days of use as your body adjusts back to normal motion patterns. They normally last approximately 5 years giving long-term relief from pain.

Sub-4 manufactures a range of exciting designer Custom Foot Orthotics to suit the most discerning customer.

Quality Custom Foot Orthotics

Quality Bespoke Orthotics for direct individuals, people referred to us by private practitioners and NHS referrals. All our clients get the same high quality level of care.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology has always been at the fore-front of Sub-4’s manufacturing process making use of superior materials technology that ensures high quality products.

Guaranteed to Fit Perfectly

Through a combination of clinical expertise and advanced manufacturing techniques along with attention to detail, Orthotics from Sub-4 Clinic are guaranteed to fit and perform perfectly.


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