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Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom Foot Orthotics Stoke on Trent are orthotic insoles, which are worn inside your shoes.

Sub-4 Manufacture Orthotic Insoles.  

Sub-4 Manufactures a Range Custom Foot Orthotics Stoke on Trent.

Custom Foot Orthotics Stoke on Trent

Sub-4, work manufacture Orthotics Stoke on Trent in many different ways. The two main ones being supporting feet, which are excessively pronated (rolled in or collapsing), or raising one side of the pelvis when a true natural bony leg length discrepancy between each leg exists. Although bespoke orthotics can do many other things to help relieve pain, if the foot is not supported or a heel raise has not been used when needed, they will have limited effect on the body.

Orthotics Stoke on Trent, to maximise effect, need to be worn daily, especially during activity like school, work, long walks and sport. They may stop working if you stop wearing them and often users will wear them for many comfortable years without problems.

Orthotics Stoke on Trent are hand made insoles they occasionally need to be adjusted in the first few days of use as your body adjusts back to normal motion patterns. They normally last approximately 5 years giving long-term relief from pain.

Custom Foot Orthotics Stoke on Trent.

Custom Insole Orthotics

Quality Bespoke Custom Orthotics Insoles. We are the leading manufacturer of Orthotics in Stoke on Trent All our clients get the same high quality level of care.

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology has always been at the fore-front of Sub-4’s Custom Foot Orthotics Stoke on Trent manufacturing process making use of superior materials technology that ensures high quality products.

Comfort Guarantee

Through a combination of clinical expertise and advanced manufacturing techniques along with attention to detail, Custom Foot Orthotics Stoke on Trent from Sub-4 Clinic are guaranteed to fit and perform perfectly.

 Custom Foot Orthotics/Insoles for Sports Lifestyle

Sub-4 Manufacture High Quality Custom Orthotics Stoke on Trent for all types of Lifestyle Activities.

Whatever you activity, we can make you a set of orthotics to perfectly fit you shoes, trainers or boots and if needed we can produce a set of orthotics for each different activity.

  • Specialist Sport Shoe Orthotic Insoles
  • Running shoes
  • Walking shoes
  • Football boots
  • Ski boots
  • Snowboard boots

Speak to your practitioner at the time of your assessment

 Custom Orthotics for Lifestyle

Book a 3D Biomechanics Gait Assessment

We can assess all sport related Musculoskeletal injuries and pain, to help you get back to full fitness as soon as possible.

Whilst most sport injuries are similar, different sports have different nuances with different forces are at play, depending on your sport.

If you are suffering with prolonged pain or maybe an injury, it could a good idea to book a free assessment, so we can check for any underlying issues and work with you for a better recovery.

You can read more about injury types here;

Lower Back & Pelvis injuries | Knee Issues and Injuries | Foot & Ankle Issues injuries

Custom Foot Orthotics Stoke on Trent Production

Sub-4 have won a number of innovation awards in clinical biomechanics. One of our innovation is the Orthotics Prescription Builder (OPB) Kit, which allows practitioners to prescribe orthotics without a cast or impression box.

Many Sub-4 practitioners use our system to prescribe their clients orthotics, as it provides a faster result for both the practitioner and their clients. Our customers come from all over the UK and other countries,

Our in-house Lab custom makes the Orthotics Stoke on Trent, on the same day as the assessment, so that you walk out with the orthotics after the consultation. This means, that your treatment starts immediately you put them on and in most cases, reducing pain and improving performance straight away.

Sub-4 Clinic, is the only Biomechanics facility in the UK, that make Custom Bespoke Orthotics, on the same day as the assessment.

We are very proud of this fact!

Orthotics Stoke on Trent

Sub-4 Clinic is unique in Biomechanics, because we custom manufacture your custom orthotics Stoke on Trent, in our Lab, on the SAME day as your assessment.

Sub-4 Orthotic Types

Casual Orthotics

This hard-wearing orthotic can be used in a variety of shoes for work, casual wear and walking boots.

Comfortably designed for every day use and stylish to look at.

Aesthetically colour coded to match your shoes.

  • The top-cover material can be made in short for full-length form to match your shoes.
  • Colours available in: Black, Brown or Beige
  • leatherette material.

Sports Orthotics

We understand that your sports orthotics need to withstand the forces generated during sport. We construct them from sports specific materials that are hard-wearing and non-slip. We also used a special memory foam under the arch to provided shock absorption and comfort that correct and help reduce the risk of over-use injury.

  • They are usually make with a full-length cover but can be made short if you prefer.
  • Colours available in: Black, Blue, red or multi-colours EVA non-slip material.
Sub-4 Sports Orthotics

Football Orthotics

Our dynamic football orthotics are a slimmed version of the sports orthotics to compliment the fit and style of your boots so that they offer excellent form and function while you perform at your best. This orthotics can also be used in rugby boots and spikes.

  • They are usually make with a full-length cover but can be made short if you prefer.
  • Colours available in: Black, Blue, red or multi-colours EVA non-slip material.
Sub-4 Sports Orthotics

Slim-Fit Orthotics

Understanding that some work and fashion shoes can be slim, with less volume available inside the shoe, we produce our slim-fit orthotics which are narrower and with less depth than our other orthotics. These are perfectly suited for most fashion shoes.

  • The top-cover material is usually made short thin to suit the narrow low toe-box of fashion shoes.
  • Colours available in: Black, Brown or Beige
  • leatherette material.

Orthotics Questions

When should I replace my orthotics?

If your foot or knee pain has returned.

Your orthotics are designed to relieve you of foot pain. If your pain returns then it may be an indication that your orthotics may need refurbishing. You shouldn’t feel any pain while standing or running with orthotics. If you start to get a  formation of calluses or corns on your the sole of your foot, ten your orthotics may have worn too much.

Lifespan of your Orthotics

The lifespan of your orthotics will be affected by how many times you wear them and what activities you perform. If you just wear them twice a week for a casual jog then they will last much longer than if an athlete’s orthotics which get a much greater use.

Indications of wear

Your orthotics should look the same as when you first had them. If the materials on your orthotics are worn out, it’s a good time to get them checked out for refurbishment or replacement. It’s important that they don’t become over worn or damaged as this could start to cause you pain and further problems.

Check your shoes or trainers for uneven wear

By looking at the bottom of your shoes or trainers, you can see any visual signs of uneven wear. If this is the case and you see wear in a particular area then you need to get them checked.

Heavy wear in certain areas, may suggest that your foot structure is possibly misaligned and the orthotics are no longer functioning correctly. If this is the case then make sure you get them checked as soon as possible.

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