Feet are often the most neglected part of the human body, yet they do a lot of hard work.  People often tend to hide them away because they feel embarrassed about them.  The first step to fixing this is to see a podiatrist/Chiropodist who can properly assess any issues you may have and prevent them from getting worse.

During your initial consultation a detailed medical history will be taken from you, including any activity levels and lifestyle as this can have an impact on your foot health.  Everyone is treated on an individual basis as no two people is the same?

An inspection of your feet will then be carried out, and depending on your individual circumstances we may check the movement in your joints and what your circulation is like. This can be particularly important if you have any underlying medical conditions such as heart problems or diabetes.

If the problem is a minor one, this can be usually treated during the initial consultation.  This usually includes any removal of corns and callus and nail cutting.  Podiatry treatment typically lasts about 30 – 60 minutes and is usually painless.  An inspection of your shoes also forms part of the treatment as this may be contributing towards your problems.  There is evidence that good footwear choices can prevent falls and provide better treatment outcomes and the prevention of new complications developing.


Any concerns that you may have will be discussed with you and a diagnosis and treatment plan will be given to you, which may include any routine follow up appointment to check your progress and a self-care program to follow at home.

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