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Lower back pain is a terrible debilitating condition, which can affect you in every aspect of your life.  Lower back pain typically comes on in waves from a mild ache to a severe spasm, which can last for day.  It can affect you every day making even the simplest activities no fun, distracting you from everyday life.  It usually affects you standing for long periods of time or flexing forwards during certain activities.

Clifton Bradeley, our back pain specialist here in Stoke-on-Trent has developed a new theory called the ‘Pelvic Equilibrium Theory’ to treat the most difficult back pain cases.  It involved measuring pelvic behaviour with a new innovative tool he developed called the Digital Pelvic Inclinometer (DPI).

Clifton is obtaining amazing results, taking his technique all over the world and curing back pain in long-term sufferers.

See how we will treat your back pain here at Sub-4 Health.

Comment from Clifton

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