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Biohack your way to a longer healthy happy life


Duration: 1-Day Course

Date: To be arranged

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Duration: 1-Day Course

Date: To be arranged

Location: Sub-4
The Old Bowling Green,
Leek Road,
Staffordshire Moorlands

Requirements:   Bring shorts & T-shirt
Suitable for: Podiatrist; Physio; Osteopaths; Chiropractors; Sports Therapists; Orthotists: Sports Scientists; Medics etc

Cost:  £125

Biohack your way to a longer healthy happy life

An event teaching skills and tips for a healthy and long life is scheduled to take place in the Staffordshire Moorlands in October 2019.

The event titled, Vitalise – How to biohack your body and mind with health, nutrition and tips from the latest research is the idea of local entrepreneur Clifton Bradeley who runs the podiatry and biomechanics practice Sub-4, and health supplement supplier Biobrade.

People are living for longer, but many are prone to conditions that make old age painful and place a burden on the NHS and carers alike.

Biohacking is a recent phenomenon originating in the USA and is all about optimising lifestyle, exercise, mental wellbeing and nutrition to give yourself the best chance of a prolonged and healthy life.

The event will take place at the Three Horseshoes Country Inn & Spa on Friday 11 October and is limited to 50 participants.

Clifton Bradeley said: “I came up with the event after talking to customers and friends who were striving to improve their health and wellbeing but wanted a holistic approach to provide a plan for a long and healthy life.

“The event is based around the simple concept of feeling happy and confident in your own skin, exercising correctly and eating and drinking to reduce the risk of modern lifestyle diseases and pain.

“I have based the day around having fun and audience participation. At the end of the event participants will come away with the tools to improve the probability of a long and healthy life.

“As a special treat for delegates The Three Horseshoes head chef will come through and demonstrate how to prepare a ‘super foods’ lunch to keep everyone energised through the day.”

For further information on the event contact Sub-4 Reception on 01782-551698 or Clifton Bradeley; 07793 581402

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