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Orthotics really do not take a lot of looking after, however if you do wish to carryout simply maintenance then follow these simple tips:

  • Take them out of your shoes once a weekend give them a gentle scrub with soap and warm water. Never machine wash your orthotics. Do not place them on a radiator to dry because the heat-reactive glue may start to weaken the bond between materials
  • Take your orthotics completely out of the shoes once a week to dry both the shoe and orthotic of any moisture from wearing .
  • Your orthotics should always be air dried at room temperature and completely dry before placed back into your shoes.
  • For long-term use and value for money inspect your orthotics every few weeks and have any worn or torn top cover materials replaced at a minimal cost. This will prolong the life of the plastic shell of the orthotic form.
  • Follow your practitioners advice regarding review consultations so that they can repair and make any prescription adjustments as your needs and posture changes.
  • Don’t allow your orthotics to collapse and wear too much as this make impact on any improvement in your posture, pain and performance.

Most importantly don’t hesitate to ask your practitioner for help and advice. This is what we are here for.

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