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Gait Analysis Stoke on Trent A Comprehensive 3D Running Gait  Analysis

Gait Analysis Newcastle – For a running assessment to be meaningful, the Running Gait  Analysis needs to involve the whole body and the forces acting on it. This is precisely what Sub-4 Running Gait  Analysis shows. Did you know that many top long distance runners, have frequent assessment to make sure any issues are detected before they cause long term injury.

All runners hate getting injured, no matter if you are professional or amateur, you literally can’t afford to have running injuries. For us, the greatest reward, is we feel we can make a difference to anyone who enjoys running, slow or fast, especially for those who are experiencing difficulties or pain.

With our technology, we are able to perform kinematic and kinetic calculations to extract the angles, forces, timing parameters and everything else that matters for runners who seek the keys to efficient and injury free running, making what we do, a complete running biomechanics assessment.

We offer Running Gait Analysis Newcastle near Stoke on Trent. Running gait is the result of muscular forces, acting on all your body sectors, to produce forward motion. When these forces act in an optimal way, they generate an efficient running stride with balanced distribution of loads on the joints.

When they don’t… the stride becomes uneasy and the injury risk increases which usually results in pain. This is why you need a gait analysis assessment, especially if your are a runner.

The Sub-4 Running Biomechanical & Gait Assessment, is for people who take their running seriously and want to ensure that they do so without sustaining any long term injury.

Gait Analysis Newcastle – Check Your Running Performance


Check Your Gait Characteristics

The Gait Characteristics page gives detailed information about the runner’s kinematics in the sagittal and frontal planes. Large asymmetries or extreme parameter values are signs if abnormal gait which can increase the risk of injuries.

Gait analysis is carried by Clifton Bradeley, Ex Athlete and previous Sub-4 minute record holder. Running gait analysis is essential for runners who want to ensure optimal running body composition.


Your Joint Loading Analysis

More than 50% of all runners get injured each year and 50 % of the injuries involve the knees. There may be many contributing factors to the development of an injury, but it is ultimately the load applied to the lower limbs that is the trigger.

No matter how experienced you are, there is no way to anticipate the loading level by visual inspection or video analysis. You need to calculate it and this is what we do in Joint Loading analysis which is based on inverse dynamics. This is the yield of the net forces and moments acting on a joint. The Focus is on the knee and hip joints. To assess if a joint loading variable may be harmful, it is compared with normative data from over 600 runners who have done the test.


Example Assessment Report

See Report Here


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