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Jogger’s Foot

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Jogger’s Foot

Jogger’s Foot is a general term for medial plantar neuropraxia. It is an injury in which the medial plantar nerve at the bottom of the foot, gets compressed due to repetitive injury to the bottom of your foot.. Jogger’s foot usually affects not only joggers, but long distance and marathon runners also.

Repetitive impacts (like running) to the abductor halluces muscle, causes the muscle can become swollen and inflamed. This in turn, presses against the medial plantar nerve causing the nerve to be compressed or trapped. This is cause the pain.

Jogger’s Foot is a general term for medial plantar neuropraxia. It is an injury in which the medial plantar nerve at the bottom of the foot
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Achilles Tendinopathy and Treatment

Achilles tendinopathy can be a very painful condition affecting not only the Achilles tendon but is also very vital in terms of your lower limb health, as it allows you to lift your foot when you first begin to walk or run. It enables you to move forward, walk or run easily, whilst standing or walking with considerable pressure being placed upon the affected area.

As well as allowing your leg to support your bodyweight an injured tendon can also cause considerable pain. The pain in most cases is usually caused by inflammation within the tendon, although in more extreme cases damage can be caused to other structures in the tendon.

Jogger’s Foot Signs & Symptoms

Jogger’s Foot – Signs & Symptoms

The main symptom of a Jogger’s Foot

  • Burning sensation in heel pain
  • Aching and tenderness on the underside of the foot
  • Sensation on the bottom of the foot behind the big toe
  • Feeling of ‘giving-way’ when running
Jogger’s Foot Diagnosis


If you have or suspect you have Joggers Foot, you should not ignore the problem and don’t continue to run. This may lead to your problem getting worse and your pain becoming more severe and more frequent.

Book a free assessment with Sub-4 clinic. This will help to look at the pain and check if it is Joggers Foot (medial plantar neuropraxia) and help to decide which is the best way to achieve recovery.

Jogger’s Foot – Treatment & Cost

The purpose of a Sub-4 free assessment, is to help explore the pain issue you have and determine what (if anything) can be done to treat your Joggers Foot (medial plantar neuropraxia). A Biomechanical Assessment level can be discussed as well, depending on the level of pain or discomfort you are suffering.

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