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Heel Bruise

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Heel Bruise

A bruised heel often refers to pain around the heel and can be either underneath the heel bone (calcaneum) or back of the heel.

Pain underneath the heel often occurs because of mechanical stress associated with a short leg, impact sports and limited protection from shoe mid-soles.

Pain on the back of the heel can be caused by either trauma to a small nerve that cross the heel or irritation of a natural bursae (fluid filled sack). This is often caused by tight fitting footwear, and early heel lift on a short leg – that causes the heel to catch on the back of the shoe.

A good practitioner will identify the origin of these abnormal mechanical movement patterns and address them at source.

Bruised Heel Assessment and Treatment
Bruised Heel Assessment and Treatment

Bruised Heel

A Bruised heel is actually an injury to the deep heel pad which covers the backside of the main heel bone. The heel pad consists of a thick tissue which situates just under the big toe bone.

Bruised heels can occur due to various reasons, such as sudden twisting, pounding or twisting of bones near the heels, sports injuries, arthritis, and many more.

Bruising of this kind can also be caused due to physical stress, excessive bending and stretching, improper shoe wear and tear, and other injuries to the foot.

Bruised Heel Signs & Symptoms

Bruised Heel – Signs & Symptoms

The main symptom of a bruised heel, is a pain at the bottom of your heel bone, also called the calcaneus. It will likely hurt when you walk or press on the heel. In some cases, however, an injury that feels like a bruise can actually be something else, such as plantar fasciitis.

Bruised Heel Diagnosis


The best way to know if you are suffering from Bruised Heel, or there are no underlying conditions causing the pain, is to Book a free assessment with Sub-4 clinic. This will help to look at the pain and check if it is a Bruised Heel and decide which is the best way to achieve recovery.

Bruised Heel – Treatment & Cost

The purpose of a Sub-4 free assessment, is to help explore the pain issue you have and determine what (if anything) can be done to treat your Bruised Heel. A Biomechanical Assessment level can be discussed as well, depending on the level of pain or discomfort you are suffering.

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