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refurbishing your orthotics

When should I replace my orthotics?

Resurfacing your orthotics

Your foot or knee pain has returned

Your orthotics are designed to relieve you of foot pain. If your pain is back, that’s an obvious indication of your orthotics need attention. You shouldn’t feel any pain while standing or running with orthotics, and if there’s formation of calluses and corns all over the sole, that’s how you know the orthotics are worn out.

Assess the lifespan of your orthotics

You can figure out how long your orthotics will last based on how many times you wear them and what activities you perform. If you wear them twice a week for a casual jog compared to an athlete who wears them daily for sports-related activities, then it’s likely that your orthotics will last longer than the athlete’s.

If they appear worn or old

Thinning soles and broken pieces are not how orthotics are supposed to look. If the plastic on your orthotics is worn out and appears to be cracked, that’s one of the signs that their life is running out, and that they’re unable to fulfil their purpose of assisting your feet.

Look under your shoes for uneven wear

By looking at the bottom of your shoes, you can assess whether there have been any signs of uneven wear. If such is the case then that implies that you’re your foot structure is misaligned and the orthotics are no longer functional. Orthotics are responsible for correcting deformities on your feet.

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